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Volume: 6oz or 170g
Height x Width: 9.5 x 7 cm

Strawberry Milk Candle

  • Quality cotton wick.

    100% natural plant based soy wax.

    Sight of frosting overtime is normal due to the nature of soy wax.


    All fragrance oil are phthalate free.

    All candles are delicately hand-crafted upon order.


    To achieve the most optimal scent throw for a candle, it is highly recommended to cure the candle for a week before burning it. You can cure a candle by placing it in a dark and dry environment, avoiding sunlight and humid areas for one week. Doing this will greatly increase the scent throw of the candle after.


    Please read and follow the instructions in our Candle Care for the best experience if intending to burn candle.

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