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The inspiration behind the name White Pixies came after noticing that flames from candles lit at night, resembled tiny pixies fairies floating gracefully in the dark. Along with the belief that the light from a candle in the dark resembles hope in the darkness of life, we hope to bring about a magical and therapeutic experience to anyone who owns a White Pixies candle.
At White Pixies, we genuinely believe in the magic of loving ourselves. Not only do we believe that our candles will make the perfect gifts for your loved ones, we also truly believe that it will be the perfect gift for you to reward and love yourself. 
Our brand is aware of the environmental concerns growing around the world and believes that businesses also have an important role to play in helping protect our Mother Earth. Keeping this in mind, White Pixies is doing our utmost to reduce the environmental impact of our brand by cutting down on single-use plastics usage for our packagings. 
All of our candles are delicately crafted by hand in Singapore, incorporating only natural soy waxes and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils sourced from USA and South Korea. Regardless of our candle's role as an interior piece or its role as a scented candle, we wish to provide the best product for your magical and therapeutic experience.
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