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In rare occasions that a product is damaged during the shipping process, please drop us an email at with the order number and a photo of the item received, within 7 working days of receiving the order, in order to qualify for an exchange.
Requests for exchange made after the 7 working days window will not qualify hence we seek your kind understanding to check all products upon receiving the order.
Upon confirming, we will provide instructions for you to mail the wrong or damaged item back to us. Please make sure that the product is returned back in its original condition together with all the original packaging. 
After receiving the product, we will proceed to mail the replacement item out and reimburse your postage fees. If the particular product is no longer in stock, we will inform you of the restock date and you can choose to either wait or opt for a refund.


Noticed imperfections on your candles such as bumpy surface, sweating, air bubbles, discoloration, wet spots or frosting?


These imperfections do happen sometimes for soy wax due to temperature change in the surrounding and it is not a defect.

All of these symptoms are common as the soy wax that we use to make our candles is made out of 100% vegetable wax and contains no added chemicals or preservatives.





Color bleeding is common for some candles with more than 1 color as dyes are used to color our candles instead of pigments.


Dyes are our preferred choice instead of pigments as they do not clog the wick when burning the candle.


All of these small imperfections stated above will absolutely not affect the way your candle burns or smells and we will not be accepting any of these defects as reason for return/exchange.


We regret to inform that we are unable to allow refunds due to the nature of our product. 


White Pixies is not responsible for any misuse of our products. Please follow the Candle Care page's safety instructions to prevent any accidents from happening.
White Pixies will not be liable for any injuries or loss resulting from the inappropriate use of our products. 

Please read through our Store Policies before placing your order.
Kindly take note that through the purchase of our candles, you are acknowledging our Store Policies.
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