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Please refer to the 4th image for more information about Custom Candle Label. 


What is included:


1. Custom Label 3oz Candle


Personalized name & a special message on the candle label.


Volume: 3oz

Burning Time: Approx. 15 hours
Height x Width: 7 x 5.5 cm


2. Decorative Candle


Your choice of one decorative candle from our list of available ones.


3. Customized Gift Card


Personalized message printed on gift card.


4. Matchsticks


Glass of 10 matchsticks.


5. Tealight Sample


A tealight sample in the scent of Pixies Powder.




Custom Label Candle Gift Set

S$44.90 Regular Price
S$39.90Sale Price
Decorative Candle Color

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