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This candle is not available for International Shipment due to its fragile nature.

Pink Scheme is limited edition and there is only a limited quantity available.


Please read before purchasing

Our Preserved Flowers Candles are designed to be a Decorative Candle and are not meant for burning purposes. This candle is able to give off scent even when it is not burning.


This candle will only burn a small area for a short duration so as to allow the flowers to be intact and also to avoid burning the flowers.


Volume: 5.5oz or 155g
Height x Width: 5 x 10 cm

Height x Width (With Glass Cap): 13 x 10 cm


What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved Flowers are real natural flowers that are treated with non-toxic chemicals to help preserve and retain their original shape, texture and color. They can last for as long as months or even years with the proper care. 


Instructions to extend shelf life of Preserved Flowers.

Please handle with care and keep them in a dry and ventilated place that is away from any direct light.  


Preserved Flowers Candle


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